2.0 review.


Superstar Rajinikanth and sensational director Shankar’s epic film 2.0 finally got released. Actor-model, Amy Jackson played the female lead role. Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar did a negative role. With its teaser and trailer the film got humongous response and heightened expectations. So we will quickly move ahead and talk about the different aspects of 2.0.


In an area of Tamilnadu, a man hangs himself to death from a cell tower. From the next day, to everyone’s surprise, all the smart phones begin to vanish. Police and higher official become helpless and they couldn’t find who is behind all this ruckus. State home minister approaches Vasikaran(Rajinikanth) and explains the situation. Vasikaran along with his humanoid robo Vennela sets out in quest to solve the mysterious puzzle. The rest is how Vasikaran and Chitti(Robo) collaborate and accomplish this dangerous situation.

Plus point:

Rajinikanth and Akshay’s performance


Camera work

Minus points:

Lack of entertainment and twists.


Analysis: The film story revolves mainly around the problems faced by different living beings-birds due to hazardous effects of technology. Overall, the film is surely a visual treat and is mesmerizing. One can experience the best action scenes in 2.0. It is made in a way that everyone would appreciate it. So, this weekend go give it try and experience the best entertainer.

Rating: 3.5/5



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