A Perfect plan for Bangaraju…!


Tollywood King hero Nagarjuna as a lead directed by Kalyan Krishna, the movie Soggade Chinninayana achieved a massive success. Annapurna studios produced this movie which got more than 50 crores share. This credit goes to Nagarjuna and also the hero created a record by achieving huge success. This movie which created so much sensation , Nagarjuna is planning for making a sequel to this movie.

For this hero Nagarjuna fixed a title called Bangaraju and also registered it. Mean while for this sequel director Kalyan Krishna prepared a story and presented it to Nagarjuna. But news is that Nagarjuna didn’t like the story and told to make it more intriguing. So not getting a nod from the hero Kalyan Krishna continuing his work on the project Nela ticket with hero Ravi teja. So the project Bangarju got a halt for now and also news spread that it will be not going to sets.

The latest update is that Nagarjuna and Nani are acting on a project after finishing this Nagarjuna is going to start the project Bangarju . By that time Kalyan Krishna will be finishing his project with Ravi teja . So the team is planning to take the movie on sets in this year only and release the movie the in upcoming year on Sankrithi.


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