ABCD review


Young hero Allu Sirish’s latest entertainer ABCD released today.  It has a tagline as American Born Confused Desi. Touted to be a youthful entertainer, the film is directed by debutant Sanjeev Reddy and produced by Madhura Entertainment, Big Ben Cinemas jointly.


Aravind(Allu Sirish) is born and brought up in the US. He doesn’t know the value of money. His father(Naga Babu) decides to teach him a lesson. He sends Aravind to India to know the values of life. Basha(Bharat) who is a friend of Aravind accompanies. After landing in India, Aravind comes to know about his father’s plan. His father sends only 5000 rupees per month. Aravind spends only 83 rupees per day. Aravind and Basha join college to pursue MBA. Where Neha(Rushkar Dhillon) gets introduced. Thereafter, both fall in love. He becomes famous in his college as he spends only 83 rupees per day being a rich guy. Meanwhile, the finance Minister(Subhalekha Sudhakar) wants his son Bhargav(Raja) to become popular. There happens to be a competition between Aravind and Bharagav. The rest of the story is what happened to his love story and how Aravind learns the values of life?

Analysis: ABCD is a Malayalam hit film which is remade in Telugu with the same title. Allu Sirish chose this story to garner huge success. He did justice to his role in the film. Actress Rushkar Dhillon appears here and there. It seems there is no importance given to the character. Bharath appeared as Allu Sirish’s friend. He tried to induce laughter with witty lines. Vennela Kishore’s show in the movie Coffee with Kishore is a bit entertaining. Juda Sandy music is great. Especially, Mella Mellaga song is mesmerizing. The first half is a bit better than the second half. Overall, the film ABCD didn’t reach the expectations.

Rating: 2.25/5


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