Actress Samantha launches ‘Laundry Kart’ app


Sensational director Sukumar is the most sought after person in Tollywood. Lately, his wife Tabitha Sukumar established ‘Laundry Kart’ in collaboration with Alekhya, Girija, Sarath. Tollywood top actress Samantha has launched the mobile app in Hyderabad.

On this occasion, the founder Tabitha said,’ After doing a lot of groundwork for one and a half year, we have established ‘Laundry Kart’ in June last year. It has been developed keeping the middle-class families in mind. We have started this organization to provide services and employment. We are currently providing two types of services – Premium Laundry and Dry cleaning. Usually, the other laundry services will take more than a week. But, Laundry Kart provides super quick services and delivers within 48 hours to customers. We are currently running 10 outlets successfully. From the beginning, my husband Sukumar supported me hugely.

Actress Samantha Akkineni said, ‘ Laundry Kart’ app is very much useful for the working community. The app is very user-friendly. For those who want to establish a startup, this organization stands as an inspiration. They are providing fabulous services and garnering a huge number of customers. The founders Sarath, Alekhya, Girija, actor Noel, and Laundry Kart staff took part in this launch event.



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