Ali’s Yamaleela turns 25


Actor, comedian Ali made his debut as hero with the film ‘Yamaleela’ directed by SV Krishna Reddy. It was produced under Manisha banner. Yamaleela turns 25 years,  it was released on 28th April 1994. The emotional scenes between mother and son enthralled all kind of audiences.  Ali’s performance as a son who worships mother as god was incredible.  Also, actor Manju Bhargavi performed well in the mother’s role.

Along with the intense sentiment scenes between mother and son, the light-hearted scenes entertained the audience throughout the film. All the characters in the film induce nonstop comedy and entertain the most. There is another specialty of this film, Superstar Krishna featured in the special  song “Jujumbare jumbare .. ‘ which is the highlight of the film. Yamaleela was a huge hit at that time and screened for many years in a few centers and still has a nice reception.


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