Amala Paul’s ‘Aame’ bold teaser unveiled


Actress Amala Paul, who has garnered immense fame and special recognition with her films in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam languages. Her latest movie in Tamil is ‘Aadai’. Touted to be a suspense thriller, the film is directed by Ratna Kumar. The film is being released in Telugu as ‘Aame’. Famous producer-director Tammareddi Bharadwaj is presenting the film in Telugu. The movie teaser has been unveiled in which Amala Paul does an adventure.

The teaser begins with a mother filing a complaint that her daughter is missing. Also, she speculates that her daughter is inebriated. Later, we come to know that Amala Paul has been brutally harassed. Amala Pauls staggers everyone by going nude in a scene from the teaser. She is being applauded hugely for this bold adventure. Hindi teaser was released by Karan Johar while Telugu teaser was released by RGV. Many celebrities are appreciating the teaser.



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