Aame nude scenes creates stir


Amala Paul featuring in the latest film titled Aame. The film is directed by Ratna Kumar in which Amala Paul features nude in promotional pictures. Thus, Aame trailer has become viral on social media. The trailer which impressed hugely has raised expectations. Aame is set to release on July 19th worldwide. As a part of promotions, Amala responded to the questions about nude scenes and said that she had told her mother before…her mother said to act if scripts demands.

Amala Paul believes that film ‘Aame’ has given huge confidence to her. However, the nude scenes of Amala Paul created a stir in Tamilnadu. The actual thing is that Tamil Nadu minister Priya Rajeshwari is angry that film will have a bad impact on the youth. She added that Amala Paul is from Puducherry and accused that she doesn’t have any respect or love for the Tamil people and culture. She had lodged a complaint with the police against Amala Paul. Well, we need to see how the film unit responds.


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