Anthariksham Review


Young film director Sankalp Reddy caught a huge attention from audience as well as from the industry with his the debut movie Ghazi. With this enthusiasm he made Anthariksham, a space thriller which also stands apart as Ghazi. Anthariksham features Varun Tej, Aditi Rao Hydari, Lavanya Tripathi, Satyadev, Raja, Rahman and Srinivas and others.  Exceptional filmmaker, Krish has bankrolled this space thriller. The film garnered a good response from the moment it was announced.


Dev (Varun Tej) is an astronaut trained in Russia. With a lot of hopes, he sets out in a quest to find the traces of water on the moon for which he uses a satellite, but the mission fails. At the same time his love interest Lavanya Tripati dies. With this spaces research center avoids Dev. After five years later, the research center needs Dev. He gets into a mission and  goes to space with Riya (Aditi), Karan (Satyadev) and Sanjay (Raja). Then there arises few unexpected problems. How did he face these problems and solved it is rest of the story.

 Plus points:

Varun Tej, Lavanya, and Aditi Rao Hydari Performance



Minus points:



Hero Varun Tej is always  interested in essaying different roles on screen, and he did  the same, he played a the role of a scientist in Anthariksham, a space thriller. Director Sankalp again did an experiment and made Anthariksham. Definitely, the story and concept is intriguing, but the screenplay is slow. Coming to cinematography, Gnana Sekar has done an excellent work.  The visuals are fabulous and provides a visual treat to audience. Prashanth Vihari has elevated the movie with his exceptional background score. Overall space thriller Anthariksham, first of its kind in Tollywood, is a nice attempt which is appreciable.

Rating: 3/5


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