Because of Government discrimination, Paderu is left Down


Janasena leader Balaraju and Janasena Party chief Pawan Kalyan participated in the public meeting today in Paderu. Janasena leader Balaraju, who participated in this public meeting said, “Pawan Kalyan is very persistent in making good progress to the area. There is a need to wish them. He explains how much negligence is there in education, medical, transport and drinking water. Most importantly the mineral resources are being vanished by few people, he is also trying to stop this by imposing force on government…and trying to stop the bauxite, laterite, granite mining in some areas. The kidney problem in the Uddanam was brought into light. Similarly, in the Polavaram project, efforts are being made to benefit the crippled people. There are many problems like this. I am grateful to Pawan Kalyan, who is putting pressure on government.A engineering college and university is going to come in this area. Because of lack of Medical officers, people are in trouble in this area. The hospital does not appoint the proper doctors. Basic provisions are not available in this area today due to government discrimination. Pawan Kalyan must support and encourage younger generation and I wish you all to do the same. Speaker and Jana Sena leaders Nadendla Manohar thanked the members of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council to bring all the legislative bodies to our place and try to get the problems into light in the region.


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