Biopic Lakshmi’s NTR review.


The most controversial biopic Lakshmi’s NTR is helmed by Sensational director RGV. Lakshmi’s NTR chronicled the prominent events in the NTR’s life after Lakshmi Parvati entered. From its announcement, the film has created curiosity among film fraternity and audience. Lakshmi’s NTR released all over except in AP.

Story: Film begins with Lakshmi Parvathi entering into NTR’s life after he loses elections in 1989. NTR gives her permission to write his autobiography. Thereafter rumors spread about the entry of Lakshmi Parvati into NTR’s life. NTR comes to know about these rumors and announces that he will be marrying Lakshmi Parvati. They both undertake election campaign and win elections with a high majority in 1994.  But NTR’s son-in-law Babu Rao gets support from NTR’s family members and backstabs him. What kind of insults and hurdles NTR faced forms rest of the plot.

Plus points:

Story & Screenplay

Lead cast performance


Minus points:

Slow at some points.


The film showcases how Lakshmi Parvati enters into NTR’s life. How they attracted to each other? How NTR’ s family members reacted? The lead cast Vijay Kumar, Yagna Shetty, Sri Teja as Babu Rao have given incredible performances. It seems RGV took utmost care in casting. The scenes between NTR and Parvathi are intriguing. Lakshmi’s NTR depicts prominent political incidents in a typical RGV style. Music composed by Kalyan Malik is undoubtedly a highlight of this biopic. RGV is back…RGV is a brave-hearted man and Lakshmi’s NTR proves it, says audience who watched the film.



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