Case against Bigg Boss 3 Telugu


Bigg Boss season 1 & 2 received a huge response. Now, Bigg Boss season 3 is coming to entertain everyone once again. The show will begin on July 21st. Meanwhile, many allegations are being made on Bigg Boss 3. Anchor, journalist Swetha Reddy, and actress Gayatri Gupta filed a case against the organizers of Bigg Boss 3. The latest update is that a petition has been filed against the show.

As there is a chance for objectionable events to take place, every episode must be censored and aired. Bigg Boss 3 should be aired only after 11 pm, says the petitioner. With this, Bigg Boss 3 organizers approached Telangana HC and asked to strike out all the cases filed in their petition. Anchor Swetha Reddy and actress Gayatri Gupta demanded not to accept quash petition and staged a protest near HC.


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