Central government expresses doubts on Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship


Congress president Rahul Gandhi has stepped in a new controversy. The central government raised doubts regarding his citizenship. They even demanded an explanation about it and issued a notice. At the time of elections, this controversy may damage the prospects of winning. Also, BJP may use this controversy for their benefit. Noted BJP leader Subramanya Swamy is an expert in doing the legal fight against the opponents.

Mr. Subramanya Swamy alleged that Rahul Gandhi holds British citizenship. In 2016, Rahul Gandhi responded to this and said to provide any proofs regarding it. With this, Subramanyam had submitted proofs to the Home department. He also said that Rahul Gandhi established company ‘Backops Limited’ in 2003 in Britain. He is the director and secretary of the company. In his report, Mr. Swamy also added that Rahul Gandhi was born on 1970 June 10 and declared British citizenship. On this, the home department demanded to give an explanation within 2 weeks. On the other hand, Congress party alleges that it is a political stunt.


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