Chitralahari review


The film ‘Chitralhari’ featuring mega hero Sai Dharam Tej, Kalyani Priyadarshan, and Nivetha Pethuraj in lead roles has been released. Tej didn’t get a hit from a long time, so has pinned all his hopes on the latest outing Chitralahari. Touted to be a rom-com, Chitralahari is directed by Kishore Tirumala and produced by Mythri Movie Makers. Did he succeed with Chitralhari and reached the set expectations? To know about that, we must discuss about the story.

Story: The protagonist Vijay(Sai Dharam Tej) is a graduate who is keen looking for success in life. Despite working harder, he doesn’t garner success. Vijay’s father(Posani) supports him and encourages hugely in every aspect. In his pursuit of success, he meets Lahari(Kalyani) and falls in love with her. He lies to her about everything like his daily habits and life. But, Lahari comes to know that Vijay lied to her and leaves him. He then moves on and gets involved in a project. In this process, he meets Swecha(Nivetha Pethuraj). The rest of the story is about how he battled with hurdles and garnered success.

Plus points:

Sai Tej performance

Second half

DSP music


Minus points:

The first half seems to be slow


With continuous letdowns, Tej took this film Chitralahari prestigiously and worked very hard. He believed in the story and transformed himself for the role. Tej has given an incredible performance in emotional sequences and impressed everyone. Kalyani and Nivetha also did justice to their roles and performed well. Sunil and Vennela Kishore were successful in inducing laughter. Posani appears in the film as a middle-class father and pulled it off very well as usual. The scene in which Posani expresses confidence that his son will achieve success one day is engaging. Director Kishore Tirumala has caught everyone’s attention with sensible films like Nenu Shailaja and Vunadhi Okate Zindagi. Talking about the Chitralahari, the first half seems to be too slow. But, the second half is impressive, and director seizes audience attention with intense emotional scenes. Mythri Movie Makers made Chitralahari with excellent production values which is visible in every scene. Rockstar DSP once again mesmerized with his music. Overall, Chitralahari is a good attempt made by Tej when compared to his previous flicks.


Rating-2.75/ 5


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