Clarification over ‘Jodi’ movie controversy


Producer Gurram Vijayalakshmi made a statement about the controversy surrounding ‘Jodi’ film. She said, ‘Director Vishwanath Uppalapati has introduced Anuradha. As a producer, I have a desire to make good films, but I stay in America most of the time. I agreed to collaborate with Uppalapati Anuradha and make the film.

Anuradha’s son Charan Tej has sold the Hindi dubbing rights without our consent. I was shocked in this regard. Now they have given a complaint that they are the sole producers of Jodi. We have all the proofs and will fight legally about this issue’.

Director of the film Jodi said that they have sold the dubbing rights without our consent, which is very bad. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi plunged into movies with a passion. In a few days, we are about to begin promotions, however, this news gave us an immense shock. We will fight legally and release the film. Aadi and Shraddha Srinath are playing lead roles in this movie, for which shooting has been wrapped up and post-production works are underway. Actors senior Naresh, Satya, Vennela Kishore, Siddhu, Swapnika, Sithara,  Madhavi, Maruthi Rao, Pradeep are essaying key roles.


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