Clean chit to Shikha Chowdary


NRI, industrialist Chigurapati Jayaram mysterious murder case had created a sensation at that time. In the USA, Jayaram owns properties worth crores, even though he used to visit Hyderabad often. It is said that he was murdered due to financial disputes. Jayaram was murdered in Hyderabad and body was left in Vijayawada. Many controversies raged on the role Jayaram’s niece Shikha Chowdhary in the murder. Because Shikha Chowdhary interfered in many matters related to business in AP and Telangana.

The police filed a charge sheet in the case of Jayaram’s murder case. Already 8 people have been arrested in this case. The two inspectors who cooperated the accused in the case had earlier suspended. Now, Shikha Chowdary has been acquitted and given a clean chit. Main suspect Rakesh Reddy had business relations with Jayaram. In this manner, Shikha Chowdary met Rakesh Reddy and both wanted to get married. But due to the differences, they separated. On the other hand, trade union leader BN Reddy has also been linked with the murder. With a clean chit in the murder case, Shikha Chowdary can focus on business.


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