Hackers steal data… demand huge amount.


In Telugu states, power consumers are in deep shock. Websites are not being opened to those who want to pay the current bills online from the last 2,3 days. A huge number of Complaints have come from consumers. When enquired about the issue, the higher officers had a huge shock. Hackers have captured all the consumer’s data. The hackers demanded 35 crores for returning the data.

A group of international hackers tracked these websites just a few days back by entering a virus. International hackers hacked official websites belonging to TSSPDL, TSNPDCL, APSPDCL, and APEPDCL. The TSSPDL has filed a complaint with CIS police on hacking. The cybercrime police have registered a case under the IT Act and are investigating.

In fact, the total amount of data is in the backup. Hence there is not much danger. But the power officials suspect hackers about causing any serious harm. Cybercrime officials have already started investigating. But, the question if hackers steal the data from the banks in a similar way, what is the situation. Overall,  there is a need to strengthen cybersecurity.


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