EC bans Lakshmi’s NTR in AP.


Most controversial film Lakshmi’s NTR will not be released in Andhra Pradesh as the orders are in force.  In this regard, the election commission gave instructions to Collectors and SP’s. The election commission has imposed a restriction on political biopics till April 10th

RGV planned to release the movie on May 1st in AP. On this occasion, RGV set to hold a press meet in Vijayawada on Sunday, but police sent him back. The election commission has restricted the screening of Lakshmi’s NTR and other two biopics in the view of elections. RGV urged EC to release the biopic Lakshmi’s NTR in AP soon. However, EC said that it is not possible. RGV wrote a letter to AP CEO Gopal Krishna Dwivedi pertaining to the release of the film. It seems the latest restriction is a huge blow to RGV.


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