Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi Review.


After achieving a big success with Pelli Choopulu, director Tharun Bhascker is back with buddy comedy Ee Nagaranikin Emaindi. Besides getting offers from star heroes, he didn’t go that side and made a movie with new actors. Vishwak Sen, Sushant Reddy, Abhinav, Venkatesh Gomatam, Anisha Ambrose, Simran Chowdary and Geetha Bhasker Dasyam did lead roles. This movie is produced by Suresh Productions.

Story: Vishwak Sen, Sushant Reddy, Abhinav and Venkatesh Gomatam who are childhood buddies set on a journey to make a short film. Karthik who works in a pub falls in love with pub owner daughter and wants to marry her and settle in US. Koushik who is a dubbing artist doesn’t like his job and aspires to become an actor. Upendra works as an editor and Vivek is a short film director. Karthik ‘s marriage gets fixed with his girlfriend and throws a party to his friends. Unknowingly they end up in Goa and from there the story continues.

Plus points:

Minus points:
Love scenes

‘ EeNagaranikiEmaindi ‘ is a buddy comedy with subtle comedy film which revolves around four childhood friends. Tharun Bhascker made this film with passion and presented each and every scene naturally. Also the conversation between the friends is very natural. All the lead roles have justified for their respective character. Vivek Sagar peppy music is very fresh and mellifluous. Overall the movie can be enjoyed with your group of friends. Rating 3/5


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