‘Game Over’ review


Taapsee Pannu’s latest psychological thriller ‘Game Over’ is released today.  It is directed by Ashwin Saravanan and produced by Y Not Studios, Reliance Entertainment jointly. Game Over is made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.

Story: Swapna(Taapsee) is a video game designer. She gets emotionally disturbed after the incident happened on December 31. She gets worried as the December month arrives. Swapna is scared of the dark. Meanwhile, Amrutha(Sanchana) gets murdered by an unknown person. What is the mysterious incident that took place in Swapna’s life? How she overcomes her fears is the rest of the story.

Analysis: Taapsee as Swapna has impressed the audience with her incredible performance in Game Over. Also, Vinodhini as Kalamma gave a nice performance. Director Ashwin conveys that one should face the hurdles and fight against them. The first half of the film seems to be slow. Interval twist is very simple too. Coming to the second half, there are many thrilling moments and has an interesting screenplay. Well, some of the scenes in the second half are confusing. Which one is real and which one is a dream is not shown properly. The film Game Over will be liked by only a few as there is a lot of confusion and many unanswered questions.



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