I will strive to bring change in society till my last breath -Pawan kalyan


To resolve the problems of Uddhanam(chronic kidney disease) established a research center.

Janasena party leader Sri.Pawan Kalyan addressed doctors at Dallas in America.
Sri Pawan Kalyan said a ‘strong commitment” is needed to bring about change in community, which is not possible to do with money. I will relentlessly work and strive till my last breath and bring change in community. In a meeting held with doctors Pawan Kalyan said, “I only know human service, and not politics, in my childhood days I witnessed people suffering and felt helpless.

In Nalgonda district we have decided to build a water tank for people who are suffering with fluorosis, but political leaders created barriers. In 2009 election campaign, in Adilabad district there were many incidents that moved me. People were suffering with scarcity of drinking water, the next day we had set a bore pump and helped them. At that moment I felt, if you are trying to help with open heart, nature also helps you. Janasena party gives due respect doctors, they represent the real meaning of sacrifice. As well as for the Doctors who are always ready to provide service to society, we are setting up a separate NRI doctors section”, said Pawan Kalyan.


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