Jagan Public Yatra – Highlights Of 325th Day ..!


YS Jagan’s 325-day public movement commenced from the camp at Kobbarichetlapeta in the Bommali Mandal of the village of Tekkali in Srikakulam district. Party leaders, activists and fans turned out in large number. Many TDP leaders joined the YCP party on this day. Kota Bommali mandal, RH puram former sarpanch, Jyoti, Yenni Madhavarao recieved the membership of the YSR party in the presence of the Jananetha. Then the padayatra approached Jarajangi local high school where students explained their problems. The lack of basic facilities, in the absence of wall has become home to some of the animals, On the other hand there is also a shortage of staff. Women have complained to the Jananetha in our village they are not eligible for pension. Women claim that this is happening because of the Janmabhoomi Committee. A large number of farmers, women and students took part in this massive padayatra.


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