Janardhana Maharshi’s next titled as ‘Pibare Ramarasam’


Writer, director Janardhana Maharshi was born on May 16th. On this occasion, he unveiled details of his next film. Janardhan Maharshi directed ‘Devasthanam’ and ‘Vishwadarshanam’. The film, Vishwadarshanam is based on the life story of legendary filmmaker, Kalatapswi K Vishwanath. The movie bagged several awards prior to its release.

Latest film titled as ‘Pibera Ramarasam’ is being produced by noted producer C Kalyan.  The film main storyline is that demons in Lanka narrate Ramayana to their children and how they diminished bad features in the later generations. Prominent heroine to play the role of Sita in this film. Producer C Kalyan said that the details will be revealed shortly.


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