Janasena party stands for people-Janasena leader Sri Nadendla Manohar


Janasena Party leader Nadendla Manohar said that Pawan Kalyan, committed to being a part of this change in the way we thought, it will be a big step in politics. Nadendla Manohar said in a public meeting today in Paderu that everyone should think that many governments have come to this area and gave promises and have avoided this area in many cases. But our brother Balaraju was one of those who helped to develop this area to ensure justice to the people. You must strengthen such leaders. Its time to remember the promises made by the governments especially for the development of the tribe community region.
We stood and fought behalf of you against bauxite mining in this area…and able to protect the environment. For the sake of our people, we will do Strike if necessary to stop the Illegal mining.
Several initiatives are there to develop this area and we are diligent about it. Every day we think of poor people, weaker sections and disadvantaged groups. Especially for tribal children, we strive to provide pure water and road facilities to all areas. This Government does not care about the forest rights that come under our Forest Rights Act. We will stand and fight for you. Janasena Party is with People. I’m also proud to be part of this meeting with such a good leader today. Janasena Party leader Nadendla Manohar said that make use of this situation and strengthen the Janasena Party and for a better future.


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