Janasena will provide huge employment-Pawan Kalyan


Pawan Kalyan said the Janasena government will identify one lakh youth who have the inclination of doing farming and nurture them as young skilled farmers. About 10,000 young farmers would be selected from Anantapur district and Israel-type of agriculture methods would be implemented. Steps would be taken to bring in Kingston-type technology wherein 4-5 could get employment per acre. Science and technology would be made available to the farmers to drive out drought conditions in the district and the region would be developed more than in Godavari districts, he said.

Pawan Kalyan said the governments were providing pension to the unemployed youth by collecting huge amounts as fee for competitive examinations. In other words, they were collecting fee for no jobs. The Janasena Government would eradicate such flaws in the system and a new system would be introduced wherein they have to pay one fee per year for all competitive examinations. It would take steps to fill three lakh jobs within six months after Janasena government was formed. For the sake of women, the government would deposit Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 per month instead of monthly ration. Every family would be given 6 to 10 gas cylinders per year free of cost.

Sri Pawan Kalyan said he would make his first signature as the Chief Minister on the file of Farmers’ pension scheme in which each farmer whose age was above 60 would be paid Rs 5000 pension per month. Apart from this, all the farmers would be provided an agriculture assistance of Rs 8000 per acre per year. He further announced that special railway zone would be established in Guntakal. The Janasena government would take all precautions to prevent threats from leaders and employment opportunities would be improved in the district. About 25000 special police commando posts would be created for the youth who completed their tenth class examination.


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