Katherine B Hadda, US Consulate General visits AMB CINEMAS, Hyderabad


Tollywood’s arts community have made powerful short films on anti-trafficking to educate people against women trafficking and sex rackets. US Consulate General Katherine B Hadda along with Superstar Mahesh’s wife Namrata Shirodkar watched these short films at AMB Cinemas. She thanked Mahesh, Namrata, Asian Cinemas, Qube for their support to this initiative. These short films will be screened in more than 700 theatres across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

On this occasion US Consulate General Katherine B Hadda said, “We have been very grateful to many leading film directors who have filmed these very powerful public service announcements. But, all of them would be nowhere without the wonderful support from Asian cinemas and our friends Mahesh and Namrata as well as Qube. All of these distribution companies that are going to make it possible for these films to be seen by thousands and thousands of people in over 700 theatres throughout Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It’s a wonderful activity and we hope that people here are very proud of the way the arts community has come together to deliver this powerful message. Tollywood is such a bright feature of Telugu culture and its wonderful to see this kind of co-operation.”


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