KCR should apologize to people for violating the law – Congress leader Shabbir Ali ..!


Opposition leader Shabeer senior leader and council chairperson said, ‘The defeat is common in politics, we will stand for the people. Shabbir Ali alleges that KCR has violated the law by imposing action on MLC’s who went to other parties from TRS. Action must be taken on Damodar Reddy and MS Prabhakar who deceived people.
Kcr must retain the promise of increase in retirement age of Employees. These promises are to be fulfilled from January. One lakh loan money should be done simultaneously. The first signing of the assurance given by Congress in other states is the Congress creditability and in the same way KCR should be stand on the credibility. It is unfair to reduce BC Reserves to 22% in panchayat elections. The Supreme Court questioned why the government did not issue a special leave petition. We have doubt that the EVM ‘s tampered. Whether we should continue the alliance with TDP for Lok Sabha elections, party high command will decide.


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