Legendary filmmaker Raghavendra Rao consoles hero Naga Shaurya


It’s a known fact that hero Naga Shaurya is injured recently in film shooting. While performing an audacious action scene, Naga Shaurya injured his left knee. He is advised to take 15 days of bed rest. Currently, he is taking rest at his residence in Hyderabad. After knowing about the mishap, legendary filmmaker Shri. Raghavendra Garu and writer BVSN Ravi met Naga Shaurya today at his residence and wished Shaurya a speedy recovery from his knee injury.

Raghavendra Garu said, ‘ Naga Shaurya is a very good and hardworking actor. I felt very bad after knowing about the accident. I wish him a speedy recovery and good health’. Writer BVSN Ravi said, ‘ I have huge respect for Naga Shaurya. He has a special image. Today we met him at his residence. I wish Naga Shaurya to recover quickly’.


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