Less salaries for H1B holders??



Past recent few allegations are being made that Indians with H1B, who are working in US are being underpaid. When looked into facts, Information Technology is the largest system in US. Many Indian IT companies like Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, People Tech, Soft Sol and also likewise many US based IT firms which include Delloitte, Motorola, Apple, NTT Data have been facing similar allegations.

All the major IT companies, which send their employees on-site are not paying them the American salary? This allegation is not based on any one company but many other IT companies too, it was more of a collective issue, for the entire sector itself. People Tech is an IT firm which is currently operating in Hyderabad, Banglore and USA, recently a false news is being made that this IT firm is owned by son of TG Venkatesh which is not a fact. People Tech is owned by TG Vishwa Prasad, who is a successful entrepreneur in IT sector and also owns a production house, People Media Factory. The banner is quite successful with current trend of movies.


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