Manchu Vishnu’s Voter release date fixed


Manchu Vishnu and Surbhi starrer ‘Voter’ ready to release soon. It is directed by GS Karthik and produced by John Sudheer Pudhota. The film has faced many hindrances for its release. With this Voter garnered huge craze among the audience and trade sectors. Sardak Movies has bought the theatrical rights for a fancy price. Voter is all set to release on June 21st.

On this note, the film producer said, ‘ Voter is based on how to make a leader work for people. Directed by Karthik, the film is a political drama that tells the value of a vote. Along with a nice message, the film also has super action scenes. We are very happy that Voter is being released by  Sardak Movies, which has given many successful films to the audience.”


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