Nadendla Manohar joins Janasena party.


Former Speaker of Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly Sri Nadendla Manohar will join Janasena party on October 12. Janasena President Shri Pawan Kalyan has long maintained friendship with Nadendla Manohar. Since the emergence of the Janasena party, Manohar has been talking about Janasenas ideological policies with Pavan Kalyan. Shri Manohar from last four years has been following Jana Sena party activities like party meetings and Pawan Kalyan speeches and suggested his views. The political goals and ideology of  both Nadendla Manohar and Pawan Kalyan are in the same way which helped in strengthening their friendship.


Though he is joining now, he is emotionally attached to Jana Sena party from long time. Jana Sena party believes that  with the entry of Nadendla Manohar who has good political values, vision and high ambitions, the party will be strengthened more. Pawan Kalyan wants new age politics in Andhra Pradesh and also wants to spread it across the country. Also, Pawan Kalyan believes that it can be achieved with the entry of Nadendla Manohar into Janasena party.


He had held the Parliamentary Assembly of Andhra Pradesh very seriously and fairly. As the speaker of the assembly, Manohar got appreciation from the ruling party as well as from opposition parties which tells about his political values.


Shri Nadendla Manohar recently held an extensive discussion with Pawan Kalyan on the future plans. Conclusions were made on how to take the party towards new age politics. They have decided to work hard on the goal of achieving the alliance among the caste in the state. Janasena party have expressed their happiness over the combination of two young leaders and strongly believes that youth will get inspired and will join them. Also, party sources estimate that the young people with more intellectual wealth will be attracted to the Jana Sena and become a part in building a new India.


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