Nara Rohit about rumors


Actor Nara Rohit expressed huge grief on the rumors about the differences between his father Ramamurthy Naidu and pedananna Chandrababu Naidu. For your benefit don’t give unnecessary statements and induce differences between our families. Nara family has contributed a lot and played a key role in development.

We indulge in Andhra Pradesh development and the rumors about our family are utterly baseless and false. For MP seat they have manhandled their family member…Ys family has such an history. We don’t need key posts and also we don’t indulge in crimes for that. We don’t have such a bad history. Pedananna Chandrababu Naidu celebrates Sankranti with us every year and gives us utmost importance. As my father Rammurthy Naidu is ill, he is currently restricted to house only, says Nara Rohit


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