Nela ticket review


Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja’s latest film Nela Ticket released today. This film is produced by Ram Talluri under the banner SRT Entertainements. Malvika sharma is debuting in Tollywood with this movie. Jagapathi babu is the main antagonist in this movie.

Story: In the film, Ravi Teja is an orphan, who likes to be with people all the time. He always diligent in helping people and ensures that everyone is taking care of their parents. Suddenly a situation arises by which he becomes the savior to the people against the cruel home minister. Then the film continues how he gets a family and how he deals with the home minister.
Plus points:
Ravi Teja acting.
Mukesh Cinematography.

Minus points:
Old story.
Logic less screen play.
Analysis: Ravi Teja is brought up in an orphanage. When a problem arrives to the orphanage, how the hero resolves it, this is a routine old story. Director Kalyan Krishna tried to do a message-oriented film, with some mass elements, but he failed to impress the audience. The film has powerful dialougues like ‘Nela ticket galotho petukunte Nala nackinchestaru’, which connects to the mass very much. Ravi teja uses this dialogue very frequently “ Chuttu janam, Madhyalo manam “ which is apt to his character. The film has comedians Brahmanandam, JP, Raghubabu, Priyadarshi, Prudhvi, Posani who tried to make the audience laugh. The film has some irrelevant scenes about politics and finally Nela Ticket is disappointing.
Rating: 2.5/5


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