Nota Live Updates


Nota, the political drama featuring Vijay Devarkonda in lead role released today. Film directed by Anand Shankar and bankrolled by Green Studios.

The film started with a song

Heroine Mehreen is introduced

Vijay takes oath as CM

Opposition party defames him

Varun father gets jailed


An emotional speech intensifies


Its time for Raja song


Terrorist attack on Vasudev(CM father)





Unfortunately, floods arrive and CM takes over and does damage control

Few family drama scenes arrive


Hero starts election campaigning


But opposition does negative rumors on him, Vijay falls in a deep trouble.


Vijay gives a strong counter to opposition party which is very intriguing


Vasudev comes out of the coma at crucial point.


Mehreen meets with an accident

Opposition party puts no confidence motion on CM Varun but he wins
After a series of political games by opposition party Nota comes to end


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