One more controversy stormed Tollywood.


Tollywood is been in a stir from the recent times with controversies keep haunting repeatedly. Recently actress and TV anchor Sri Reddy created a huge havoc making all negative comments about Tollywood. And now, a sex racket involving several Telugu actresses has been bust in Chicago, US. It is reportedly run by Telugu producer  Modugumidi Kishan and his wife Chandra.

Soon, the US authorities busted this organized sex racket run by the Indian origin couple. Authorities unveiled this racket in Chicago, Illinois, about five people from the Telugu and Kannada film industry were identified as victims of the racket. This prostitution racket in the US was busted in late April, but the media started talking about it only after federal agents of Homeland Security Investigations filed a 42-page criminal complaint against the couple.

Many people enter Tollywood aspiring to become successful in industry and earn fame but without knowing they are falling in the trap of people like Kishan. So one must have self-decision making skills and take inspiration from successful actors who reached top position without any background.

From past to present many artists believed in themselves and worked hard. They reached new heights with their own talent and earned a everlasting fame. So to be successful in the industry one should have a lot of patience and also sheer determination then only success follows. By taking this kind of shortcuts or wrong path one will get exposed at any time, so in future, we make sure that this will not repeat.


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