Pantham Movie Review


The action here Gopichand’s ‘Pantham’ got tagline ‘For a Cause’ is a film with social issues and has got commercial elements. Mehreen Pirzada is the leading lady. The film is directed by K. Chakravarthy.

Story: In this film, Gopichand fights against black money and politicians. Nayak Bhai who is a home minister becomes his main target. Nayak Bhai counters his attack and sends people to find Gopichand where his background gets revealed. The story continues about how Gopichand fights back the politician.

Plus points :
Gopichand performance
Action Scenes

Minus points:

Analysis: The film starts by showcasing some of the creative robbery ideas. Artist Prudhviraj as house owner delivers some comedy. The first half ends with not much curiosity. The second half opens with a flashback with some intriguing scenes. This being his 25th film Gopichand did a good performance. He worked hard for some of the action scenes. Actress Mehreen has a limited role as Gopichand’s girlfriend. Srinivas Reddy, JayaPrakash’s comedy performance creates some laughter. Overall ‘Pantham’ is a routine mass film with a social message.



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