Pawan Kalyan fires on Chandrababu


Janasena Party president Pawan Kalyan said that Janasena party has given tickets to common people in the 2019 general elections and asked people to elect Janasena party to form the government. While the other parties did the opposite. I don’t have any grudge against CM Chandrababu and opposition leader Jagan. I am here to solve the problems of people.

Addressing a mammoth public meeting in Tadepalligudem as part of the election campaign, Pawan Kalyan said while shooting for Annavaram in 2006, Jagan’s mamayya, Kadapa mayor Ravindranath Reddy asked to do a film and caused huge inconvenience. If this is the situation faced by me, then what common man’s condition would be. So, then I established Common Man Protection Force.

He said he had campaigned in support of Telugu Desam and BJP in 2014 elections as Modi asked him to do so. He had informed them that he would question them if they failed to keep up their promises given during the elections. As they failed to keep up their promises, today he was questioning them. Stating that Opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy was propagating that he has underhand dealing with TDP. He was not a mad man to have ties with TDP as the cycle chain was broken long back. Their corrupt deeds have been exposed in the people’s court in 2018 itself. Chandrababu has turned AP into a scam AP. I got fed up by seeing all this and decided to contest separately. Cast your vote for glass symbol and give a huge majority to Janasena Party candidates, says Pawan Kalyan.


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