Pawan Kalyan fires on TDP and YCP in a public meeting in Nellore


Janasena party chief, Pawan Kalyan commented that YCP and TDP are involved in election betting hugely.  But Janasena is diligent in providing employment to youth and fight over the problems faced by people. We will win the Nellore seat in the coming polls and bring huge change here. Pawan Kalyan undertook a massive public meeting in Nellore as part of election campaign.

He addressed the meeting and said, ‘Nellore city MLA Anil Kumar Yadav says that he is a huge fan of me. I have said to him to stop betting first. The YCP leaders in Nellore are doing election betting extensively. Also, they are threatening people. Another TDP leader, AP minister Narayana tried to stop me to attend an occasion in Nellore. How he established many numbers of educational institutions. Even now he is involved in corruption. Will question him on all the irregularities in the presence of people. JSP will win Nellore seat and set to bring huge development to the city.


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