Pawan Kalyan instructed leaders about public safety at meeting


For Janasena Kavathu and public meeting, Pawan Kalyan has especially focused on the security measures in Cotton Barrage Rajamundhry. He gave clear instructions to party leaders that every participant must go home safely.

Janasena Kavathu will begin today at 2pm in Rajamundry.  A public speech will be made by Pawan Kalyan at around 4 pm. High-security arrangements have been made at the meeting place and the leaders are expecting more than 2 lakh followers will attend the Janasena Kavathu. They have provided the parking place for the followers, vehicles coming from West Godavari, Krishna and Guntur district have parking facilities near Vijjeshwaram and those vehicles coming from north Andhra side, must park near Dhawaleshwaram, Vemagiri.


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