People are hugely supporting Janasena- Adoni Janasena MLA candidate Mallappa


Kurnool district, Adoni Janasena MLA candidate N. Mallappa is extensively undertaking election campaign and moving ahead towards success. He urged people to eliminate the rule which restricted to a few families. He assures huge development of Adoni if elected. As opposition leader, Jagan has failed to do his part. Today, people are fed up with these two parties and are looking for an alternative. The alliance of JSP, CPI, CPM is being welcomed hugely by people.

Adoni is known as second Bombay, but it still needs to develop. The two parties are in politics for their own benefit, but not to serve people. These parties are making false promises and trying to win the polls. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan promises the schemes which will be fulfilled. He introduced a manifesto which would benefit all sectors of people.  Mallappa expressed his confidence that people are with Janasena and will elect Janasena with a huge majority.


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