People are supporting Janasena, we will win elections- Nadendla Manohar


Guntur district, Tenali constituency MLA candidate Nadendla Manohar undertook extensive door to door election campaign. As the polling date is nearing, Nadendla Manohar speeded up the election campaign and moving ahead.  He is addressing people about the importance of Janasena principles and welfare schemes introduced in manifesto. He assured to address their problems to Pawan Kalyan and solve them.

Addressing the people in campaign, he said, ‘Everyone recognizing me and appreciating for the development works carried out as MLA. People are looking for a change in governance and aspiring development. We have prepared various schemes for the welfare of people. In the coming days, we would bring huge number of programs for youth. We will work collectively for the region’s development. People are supporting and blessing Janasena. Nadendla Manohar expressed confidence that people will elect Janasena with thumping majority.


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