People do not believe the false promises made by ruling and opposition parties- Janasena Rajahmundry Urban MLA candidate Atti Satyanarayana


Government failed to solve the problems of people, says Rajahmundry Urban MLA candidate Atti Satyanarayana. The opposition which should question the ruling government is also neglecting. Addressing the huge crowd, Atti Satyanarayana said that people are supporting Pawan Kalyan and many Janasaniks participated during the nomination rally. People are supporting us hugely and have immense faith in Pawan Kalyan.

In every ward, people are supporting Janasena and said they will cast vote to Pawan Kalyan this time. People are impressed with the principles of Janasena and commitment of Pawan Kalyan. People are fed up with the ruling and opposition parties and are looking for an alternative. Chandrababu Naidu has given many promises but failed to fulfill them. Now people are not in a situation to believe the false promises. Opposition leader Jagan also neglected the problems faced by people. He is after power only. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is committed leader, he left everything behind and entered into politics to serve people. So, people will elect Janasena with huge majority, says Atti Satyanarayana


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