Political thriller Nota review.


Hero Vijay Devarkonda who impressed all with his performance in movies like Pelli Choopulu, Arjun Reddy and recently Geetha Govindam, is now back with a political drama Nota directed by Anand Shankar and produced by Green Studios. Nota released worldwide today and let’s see what the film is about.



Vasudev(Nazer) is the Chief Minister of Telangana. He believes in the horoscope, he follows a baba and as said by him Vasudev makes his son Varun(Vijay) the CM for a temporary period. Thereafter Vasudev gets jailed in a case. After getting bail, Vasudev returns home and is attacked by goons. After facing some harsh situations Vijay unknowingly likes to be the CM and works hard for people. The rest story continues how he handles the opposition party and hurdles.


Plus points:

Vijay performance



Minus points:


Heroine character



Analysis :

Vijay Devarkonda did justification for his role as a young man who unexpectedly becomes chief minister and handles all the hurdles. Vijay’s speech about a pathetic situation is very much intriguing. Mehreen played the role of a journalist, she is only in a few scenes and doesn’t have any importance to her character in the film. Director Anand Shankar did a big adventure by doing political thriller Nota with Vijay in lead role. Green Studios production values are rich. The film has nothing about Nota, overall it is a regular political cinema.

Rating : 2.5/5


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