RGV makes another sensational tweet


Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has again made a sensational tweet. RGV’s controversial biopic Lakshmi’s NTR screening was seized in AP as per the high court orders. But, Varma is trying to release the film in AP and confident that justice will win. RGV tweeted in his style about the TDP leaders who stopped the screening of Lakshmi’s NTR in AP.

He gave an immense shock to TDP leaders  with his latest tweet which says, ‘All truly real and realistic honest fans of NTR and @tarak9999 should cast their vote only after seeing @ncbn in #LakshmisNTR ..@naralokesh is a false heir to @jaiTDP and only true heir is the fantastic @tarak9999 who should be the only true honest future of TDP. So, we need to wait how TDP leaders will respond to this tweet.




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