Teja clarified on Uday Kiran biopic.


Director Teja making a biopic on hero Uday Kiran, in which Chiranjeevi’s character will be played by Rajashekar. This news spread in no time and became a hot topic in the industry. The movie title was also announced “Kaaboye Alludu”, by this news everyone was curious to know about the cast. When approached Teja with this news he said that these are rumours and declared that he is not doing the project.

After stepping-out from the movie NTR biopic, Teja is planning to do a movie with Rana. He narrated the story to Rana, who gave a nod to act in this film. He then approached Rajashekhar to play the role of a Villain in this upcoming film with Rana, but not for a biopic on Uday Kiran. This whole drama of biopic on Uday Kiran began when Teja gave leaks to media relating this film and now took a u-turn. Teja really wanted to do the biopic or took u-turn because of any kind of pressure or these are just rumours, he only knows.


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