Thai King Vajralongkorn gets married


Love and love marriages have become common in recent times. But love marriages among the emperors’ families create interest to everyone. That’s exactly what happened in Thailand. Emperor Vajra Long Korn got married to longtime love on Wednesday. It has been sensational all over the country.

In fact, the royal dynasty in Thailand is of great importance. Emperors Bhumipal Atul Tijeh died last year. He ruled Thailand till then. His son, Vajra has been declared as next emperor. But coronation is getting postponed from recent time. He will be declared as Emperor of Thailand and will be called as Maharaja Pado Rama

Vajra Long Korn has been running a love story in the dynasty. In fact, she is an air hostess working for Thailand Airlines. Later, Vajra Long Korn gave her a job as a bodyguard in his dynasty. Then his lover consulted parents and got officially married. She was named Queen Suthida. This love couple became an officially married couple. A grand procession was opened in the city streets of Bangkok after Saturday’s coronation.


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