The judgment of the people is always great-Dr.Mohan Babu


Today, Andhra Pradesh general elections counting has begun at 8 am. As per the latest updates by Election Commission…the trends for 142 assembly seats in AP were unveiled. In more than 121 constituencies YCP is in lead and in 25 constituencies TDP is in lead. In the votes counted, the YCP received 50.9 percent votes, while TDP 38.2 percent and Janasena received 6.8 percent votes.

Dr. Mohan Babu responded to the results of the election and said… the judgment of the people is always great. Jagan undertook 3648 km long Padayatra across the state and addressed problems of people. Now, the people gave blessings and made him chief minister. Certainly, Jagan will do good to people of AP.


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