The other side of Star Sridevi (a shaded one)


Movie Star. A word is a synonym of name and fame which is irrelevant of time. May the decades pass by but a star fame never and ever fall. Still a star has its own personal stand. We must agree that even star is a human being.  The so called STAR Human being has their own personal interests of course they also carry the real emotions as a common person go by. No matter what it is a common man gives more importance for a star personal life than his own. Thus a star is always a star from the front but not the other side which was always shaded.

Sridevi, a 54 aged Star passed away…..Which worried most of the movie goers is common. But media especially Socialized media played a vital role in creating the hype of her death as mysterious Death. Nobody yet knows the real cause of her death. But still from morning to evening if we go through the media stories you will find N number of causes for her death. But of course with a tag line of SPECULATION. What for and why for these speculations …. the answer is very simple just to pamper their personal ventures.  I really feel the news is genuine when SPECULATION turns to be OFFICIAL.

However it is a bitter truth that the heavenly body of the star Sridevi is still not seen our mother land. People across the world are pouring their grief with or without media and waiting to pay the last visit for the Star Sridevi. Below picture is Just a glimpse of outside morgue in Dubai where the body is preserved for more than 48 hours.


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