This woman kills husband….despite being a celebrity.


ND Tiwari, who had served as governor of United Andhra Pradesh was known for many sensations. Precisely, he had faced huge controversies during his last term. At that time sensation news broke out that, ND Tiwari had brought women to Raj Bhavan and opened a massage center. Thereafter, a person called Rohit Tiwari addressed media that he is the son of ND Tiwari. At first, ND Tiwari had said he doesn’t know him, but after DNA test he had to accept the fact.

Now, Rohit Tiwari suspicious death stunned everyone. At first, police considered that he had died due to cardiac arrest. But the autopsy report confirmed that he died of asphyxia. Police interrogated family members regarding this, but no one opened up about it.  Finally, Rohit’s wife Apoorva Tiwari has agreed that she has murdered his husband. Due to disputes in their marriage life, she took this extreme step it seems. With this, Delhi police on Wednesday arrested Apporva and sent to jail.



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