TRIVIKRAM launches ‘ONAAVA CARTOONS’, published by People Media Factory.


Noted Writer-Director Trivikram has launched “OnaavaCartoons”, by noted film Journalist and Cartoonist Om Prakash NarayanaVaddi, on Friday, ie, 14th December. “I think Cartoonists are angry bynature, to come out from their anger they can draw cartoons” opinesTrivikram, and he adds, “in the process to overcometheir anger Cartoonists give laughter and a great relief for others. So,society needs more cartoonists. I hope this work will encourage futurecartoonists”. Here, the cartoonist Om Prakash remembered all who supportedhim in his cartoon work and who helped the book to see the light.

And he especially thanked TG Viswaprasad, the owner ofPeople’s media factory and its executive producer Vivek Kuchibhotla, who gavehim monetary support. Vivek has praisedthe work of Om Prakash and hoped this book would give more fun to the viewers.Om Prakash’s wife Smt. Madhavi Vaddi, L.Venugopal, a noted journalist and Om’sfriends N.Subba Rao, L Pradeep, Jayadev Rentala,editor in Andhrajyothi Daily and Jai Simha also participated in this launch ceremony.


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