Tweets are causing trouble for YCP.


With the increased scope of social media, there are benefits and at the same time, there are drawbacks. In the Telugu region most of the media, newspapers, TV channels are in favour to TDP party, alleges YCP. They are indirectly saying that social media is their strength. But now that social media is putting YCP into trouble.

Going into details, if any issue in Telangana happens, related tweets are being made in the name of YS Jagan and MP Vijayasai Reddy. Tweets from these fake accounts are in favor of Telangana government and TRS.  With this, YCP is considered as favorable to TRS and huge publicity is being made about this issue. YCP feels troublesome with all these fake accounts. Responding to it, YCP has made an announcement. Also, regarding the recent incident of Inter results, tweet in which YS Jagan lashed out at KCR is utterly absurd, says YCP. Those who made this tweet must be punished, said YCP in its statement.


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